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Friday, 22 September 2017


Official Birth Of The SIMBL: 9/2/2006
SIMBL Inaugural Draft: 9/17/2006-10/17/2006
2005 SIMBL Season: 10/18/2006-12/27/2006
2006 SIMBL Season: 1/22/2007- 4/4/2007
Website Crash: 4/15/2007-4/22/2007
2007 SIMBL Season: 5/5/2007-7/16/2007
2008 SIMBL Season: 8/6/2007-10/17/2007
2009 SIMBL Season: 10/31/2007-1/19/2008
2010 SIMBL Season: 2/2/2008-4/20/2008
2011 SIMBL Season: 5/2/2008-7/10/2008
2012 SIMBL Season: 7/21/2008-9/29/2008
2013 SIMBL Season: 10/13/2008-12/27/2008
2014 SIMBL Season: 1/10/2009-3/28/2009
2015 SIMBL Season: 4/11/2009-7/11/2009
OOTP 6.5 To OOTP 10 Conversion 8/1/2009-9/1/2009
2016 SIMBL Season: 9/2/2009-12/18/2009
2017 SIMBL Season: 12/28/2009-3/5/2010
2018 SIMBL Season: 3/22/2010-5/29/2010
OOTP 10 To OOTP 11 Conversion
SIMBL New File Era Inaugural Draft: 6/25/2010-7/15/2010
2019 SIMBL Season: 7/26/2010-10/10/2010
2020 SIMBL Season: 11/3/2010-1/11/2011
2021 SIMBL Season: 2/2/2011-4/22/2011
SIMBL Commish Accident & Recovery 4/23/2011-5/5/2012
2022 SIMBL Season:  5/6/2012-7/16/2012
2023 SIMBL Season: 8/4/2012-10/5/2012
OOTP 11 To 13 Conversion 10/5/2012-11/24-2012
2024 SIMBL Season: 11/29/2012-2/11/2013
2025 SIMBL Season: 2/25/2013-5/2/2013
2026 SIMBL Season: 5/17/2013-7/24/2013
2027 SIMBL Season: 8/10/2013-10/17/2013
2028 SIMBL Season: 10/31/2013-1/4/2014
2029 SIMBL Season: 1/18/2014-3/26/2014
2030 SIMBL Season: 4/9/2014-6/15/2014
OOTP 13 To 15 Conversion 6/22/2014-6/27/2014
2031 SIMBL Season: 7/5/2014-9/8/2014
2032 SIMBL Season: 9/24/2014-12/14/2014
2033 SIMBL Season: 1/9/2015-3/17/2015
2034 SIMBL Season: 4/10/2015-Current

Key moments in SIMBL history are listed below:

OCTOBER 6, 2017


2016 SIMBL Draft #1 overall selection Henry Cheesman (above) set a new SIMBL single season record of a .397 batting average in his rookie season after being traded from Carolina to Chicago at the 2017 trade deadline.

The SIMBL experienced an Offensive Revolution after converting from the OOTP 6.5 game to the OOTP X game prior to the 2016 season.  This has come to be known since as the SIMBL's "Steroid Era 2016-2018".

None was more prolific than Chicago rookie outfielder Henry Cheesman setting a new SIMBL record of a .397 batting average in 591 at bats breaking San Diego catcher Aaron Rasch's mark of .375 set a year earlier in 2016.  Cheesman was the easy winner of the 2017 SL Rookie Of The Year Award.

Cheesman was the #1 overall selection of the 2016 SIMBL Draft by Carolina GM Andy Hutchinson and very quickly rose to superstardom in the league.  Cheesman was traded at the 2017 trade deadline to Chicago GM Mike Lynch's Hitmen and led them to the 2017 SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series where they lost a classic series to Bristol on a walk-off in the tenth inning of Game Seven.

Former 2014 SFA slugger R.J. Poole of Chicago became the second player in SIMBL history to hit 50 home runs in season joining San Diego's legendary Daryl Ryles who did it five times in his SIMBL Hall Of Fame career and finished with 561 career blasts before retiring after the 2017 season.

Los Angeles SS Jose Arenas came one RBI short of tying Ryles' 2008 record of 172 RBI in a season and won the second UL Slugger Of The Year Award of his career.  Chicago's R.J. Poole and San Diego's Michael Hussey drove in 169 runs and all were the highest totals in the league in a decade since 2008.

The San Diego Warewolves set a new SIMBL record with a .319 season team batting average breaking Dallas' mark of .310 a season before.  The 'Wolves also scored a new record of 1121 runs breaking the Texans' record of 1017 set in 2016.

Numerous other team and individual offensive records were set in an amazing offensive year as the Offensive Revolution made its mark on the SIMBL.



Oregon's Seven-Time All-Star Among League's Most Unheralded Players; Posting Hall Of Fame Statistics

Oregon stalwart SS Richard 'No Neck' Cummings (above) has been among the SIMBL's most unheralded players at a position that has traditionally been dominated by superstars.  The seven-time All-Star is twelve home runs from joining the 300 HR/1000 RBI elite in league history.  Cummings is enjoying his finest season hitting .318 with 31 HR and 138 RBI, all career highs and is in his 12th season as the Pioneers starting shortstop, the SIMBL's longest tenure at the position.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017: Oregon's Richard Cummings got the standing ovation -- but the San Diego Warewolves got the win.
It was a special day for him at Great American Ballpark. A day when Cummings notched hit number 2000 of his career. The fans went wild when he did. Even the Warewolves fans applauded.

The Pioneers shortstop went 1-3 in a losing cause as San Diego spoiled the party with the 4-2 victory.

In the postgame interview, a downhearted Cummings told the media, "We lost -- It's not about individual accomplishments -- we lost."

When pressed further, he admitted his pride in reaching the 2000-hit mark, "A lot of great players never get there. I'm proud, but I would be happier if we had won."

Cummings is batting .292 lifetime with 2000 hits, 454 doubles, 62 triples, 287 home runs, 1146 RBIs to date. He has also scored 1062 runs.  The seven-time SIMBL All-Star has spent his entire twelve-year career as the Pioneers' starting shortstop.

JUNE 22, 2017


In Twilight Of His Career, Clippers GM DeMarco Specifically Signs & Plays Future Hall Of Famer To Reach Feat

Former Oregon/Toronto and longtime Calgary first baseman Taitarou Haranobu has long been a SIMBL fan favorite.  Calgary GM Christian DeMarco put the two-time UL MVP in the lineup recently and 'Automatic' has been red-hot hitting .363 with 1 HR and 8 RBI the last 12 games.  Haranobu became the eighth player in SIMBL history to reach 300 career home runs in 2017 SIM 12.  With four 30/30 seasons, 2179 hits, 300 HR, 1160 RBI, 1222 runs scored and 560 career stolen bases to his resume, Haranobu looks to be headed to the SIMBL Hall Of Fame when the league starts it's inaugural Hall Of Fame voting shortly.

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017: It was an historic day in the life of Taitarou Haranobu. The 39-year-old Calgary first baseman recorded the 300th homer of his career in the Clippers 7-6 triumph over the Dalton Dawgs.

In the clubhouse after the game, Haranobu told BNN, "I was just looking for a ball to drive... and I got one."

During his career Haranobu has chalked up 2179 hits and a .308 average with 300 home runs and 1160 RBIs.

In the twilight of his career, Haranobu spent the past six seasons with GM Christian DeMarco's Clippers winning the second Slugger Of The Year award of his storied career in 2013.  "Automatic" was not resigned last season and let go to SIMBL free agency.  DeMarco then brought back his old first baseman as a backup and recently inserted him into the Calgary lineup to give the struggling Arthur Kohei a rest and wakeup call and also to allow Haranobu to reach the elite SIMBL 300 Home Run Club, in which only seven other players have reached in the SIMBL's 13-season history.

MAY 12, 2017


Dalton LF Becomes Seventh Player In SIMBL History To Reach Plateau

A multi-Gold Glove outfielder that formerly starred for Carolina, Dalton LF Jaime Gonzalez (above) reached 2000 career hits in 2017 SIM 6.  At 32 years-old, he is the youngest player in the current SIMBL top ten career hits leaders.

Friday, May 12th, 2017: Jaime Gonzalez, welcome to the club.  The 2000-hit club.

The Dalton left fielder gained membership in that elite group in a 11-4 victory over the Bend Bandits at Deschutes Field.

3 hits in 5 at-bats today enabled the Dawgs star to reach the milestone.

Gonzalez has a career .279 average with 2001 hits, 466 doubles, 135 triples, 225 home runs, 1065 RBIs, and 1181 runs scored to date.

OCTOBER 29, 2016


'Wolves Become First Team In SIMBL History To Go Undefeated In Postseason

The new superstar, San Diego CF Pablo Figueroa, carries the old superstar, 3B Daryl Ryles, on his back after the Warewolves won their seventh overall SIMBL championship in twelve seasons by sweeping the Los Angeles Meat Puppets in the 2016 SIMBL CS.  The 37 year-old Ryles, the best player in SIMBL postseason history, kept true to his legend by blasting a home run and being named Player Of The Game in the deciding Game Six.

The season came to a crashing halt for the Los Angeles Meat Puppets when the San Diego Warewolves beat them 8-3 today at Hollywood Bowl to sweep the SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series 4-0.

Fans in San Diego have already begun the celebration and officials are expecting huge numbers when the championship parade takes place in a few days.

"Unbelievable for us, for our fans," the elated Warewolves GM Paul Ware said. "This team has worked as hard as any team ever. They deserve it. What these guys have done -- they're going to enjoy it for a long time."

This was the seventh SIMBL championship for the Warewolves, who beat Los Angeles for the third time in the SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series after wins over them also in 2009 and 2012.  The 'Wolves made SIMBL history by becoming the first team to go 12-0 in the SIMBL postseason that also included sweeps of Ruston in the SLDS and Las Vegas in the SLCS.

Asked after the game, what it's like to lose in the SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series, Los Angeles GM Dave Bliley replied, "You want the results to be different." Then he added, "They simply outplayed us, they deserve it. They beat us. They're the champions."

San Diego finished the season with a record of 114-48 and ranked first in the Syndicate League West.

The 2016 SIMBL CS MVP will be announced shortly as SIMBL arbitration is next followed by the SIMBL offseason and the 2017 SIMBL Draft

Congratulations to Paul on his history-making season and to all SIMBL GMS on yet another conclusion to another successful and fun SIMBL season together.

OCTOBER 7, 2016


2016 Remembered As A Record Offensive Year In SIMBL

San Diego catcher Aaron Rasch (above) hit .375 with 36 HR and 119 RBI in 2016.  Rasch's .375 clip shattered his teammate Pablo Figueroa's former record of a .358 season batting average set in 2014.  Rasch nipped Dalton's Kanesaburou Jiro's .372 for the new record in a record offensive season explosion during the 2016 SIMBL season.

Friday, October 7th, 2016: Aaron Rasch of the San Diego Warewolves wrapped up a very successful season by winning the Syndicate League batting crown. He outpaced all comers with his .375 average. For the season, the Warewolves catcher played in 158 games, collected 240 hits, 36 home runs, scored 151 times and knocked in 119 runs.  Rasch's  .375 batting average outdid Dalton Kanesaburou Jiro's .372 to shatter San Diego's Pablo Figueroa's previous record .358 mark set in 2014.  A record number of players hit over .300 in 2016 and three teams, Dallas, Bristol and Hartford, hit over .300 as a team as Dallas set a new team record for team batting average shattering Dalton's 2015 mark of .293 with a .310 team clip.  2016 will be remember as the Year Of Offense as numerous offensive records were shattered and pitching seemed to be neutralized due to the OOTP 10 conversion adjusting to the former OOTP 6.5 file.

2016 was also the Year Of The Streak as ten or more players had hitting streaks of 24 games or more including Dalton's Kanesaburou Jiro's record 34,  Dallas' Lance Foley's 30, Ruston rookie Rarufu Kenzan's 30, Hartford's Kenneth Downey's 29 and San Diego's Aaron Rasch's 28-game streaks.

Dallas' Joseph Ramirez's 153 RBI's are the most since Daryl Ryles' 172 in 2008.

Bristol's Barry Grady sets a new SIMBL record with 99 stolen bases shattering Pensacola's (now Dallas) Adrian Espinoza's 81 in 2008.  Texas' Jan Springer had 95 stolen bases, the second-most in a season in SIMBL history.

The offensively explosive Texans, led by GM Robert Don, made the playoffs as the UL Wildcard, losing the UL Central to Dalton by one game.  Dallas' 93-69 record was fueled by a 37-14 finish and ended the SIMBL's longest playoff drought of ten seasons as the Texans made the playoffs for the first time since losing to the San Diego Warewolves as the former Pensacola Red Sox in a classic seventh game in the 2006 SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series.

AUGUST 8, 2016


SIMBL's All-Time Best Hitter Flirts WIth A .400 Season

Dalton hitting sensation Kanesaburou Jiro (above) connects for a single in his thirty-third consecutive game in 2016 SIM 15 to break Portland's Duane Fuller's 32-game hitting streak set just last season.

In today's 2-1 win over the Bristol Owls at The Park at Chippens Hill, Kanesaburou Jiro of the Dalton Dawgs ran his consecutive-game hitting streak to 34 games with 3 hits in 5 at-bats, breaking Portland second baseman Duane Fuller's previous SIMBL record of 32 consecutive games set just last season.  Jiro's 34-game streak is now the longest hitting streak in SIMBL history and he ended the 2016 season with a .372 batting average, the second-best in SIMBL history next to San Diego's Aaron Rasch's .375 set the same year in 2016.

JUNE 15, 2016


Future SIMBL Hall Of Famer Keeps Padding The Career Stats For Induction; Dallas' "Net's" Streak Hits 29 Games

Love him or hate him but San Diego's Daryl Ryles (above) is a first-ballot SIMBL Hall Of Famer with numbers that will hardly ever be seen again in the league's history.  Ryles' infamous decade-long clashes with SIMBL Commissioner Christian DeMarco and the SIMBL media, suspensions and fines and off-the-field troubles will not affect his placing as the best player to ever put on a SIMBL uniform to date and most likely, ever.

San Diego's Daryl Ryles reached the 2000 hits milestone today in his SIMBL career.  The 37 year-old eight-time SL MVP winner received a standing ovation from San Diego Warewolves and Oregon Pioneers fans alike.  On the day, Ryles went 2 for 4 in the Warewolves 6-3 victory.

Ryles is hitting .326 lifetime with 2000 hits, 278 doubles, 31 triples, 544 home runs and 1501 RBI's to date.  He has scored 1406 runs and stolen 54 bases.

Ryles becomes the sixth player in SIMBL history to collect 2000 or more hits joining Calgary's Robert Campbell, Birmingham's Lucas Espitia, Calgary's Taitarou Haranobu, Los Angeles' Manny Martinez and Calgary's Albert Price in the exclusive club.

Next in aim of 2000 career hits is Boston's longtime and former 2006 SL MVP LF Dominick "Slim" Lund who sits with 1902.

APRIL 2, 2016


Longstay San Diego Second Baseman Joins Hartford's Campbell In Exclusive Club

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016: San Diego second baseman Lucas Espitia finished the day with 2 hits in 4 at-bats and 2000 career hits. The Warewolves also finished off the Punishers, 13-5. The 35-year-old Espitia added his name to the list of players in the 2000-hit club.

Lifetime Espitia has hit for a .295 average and totaled 2000 hits, 201 home runs and 821 RBIs.

JULY 25, 2015


Bristol Righty Gives Light On Team's Surprisingly Disappointing Season

Bristol's Manny Guerro (above right) talks to the SIMBL media after throwing a no-hitter against Los Angeles in 2015 SIM 18.  Guerro, 27, was originally signed as a free agent who entered the league in 2008 by Owls GM Greg Checovetes.  At the time, Guerro's  $6,000,000 a year/five season deal was controversial to risk so much cash on an undeveloped prospect and caused an outcry by SIMBL GMS concerned about the league's salary ceiling for unproven players.  Guerro was a 10/6/6 prospect back then and has developed into a 9/6/5 veteran in his third SIMBL season.

Saturday 7/25/2015: Los Angeles has no chance in a NO-HITTER by Manny Guerro

LOS ANGELES - Manny Guerro had his best stuff going, and Los Angeles hitters were chanceless. Bristol's right-hander fired a NO-NO, his 1st shutout of the season. Guerro (9-10) was overpowering, fanning 10 while walking 6, throwing 128 pitches. 'Giving my team a chance to win is the most important thing for me. I was able to do it today, and it's especially nice to do it in such fashion.' Antonio Flores provided Bristol with the offense Guerro needed as he finished 2 for 5, and driving in 2 runs. Bristol scored 3 runs on 9 hits.

JULY 7, 2015


Will 31- Year Old Hartford Hitting Machine Reach 3000 Hits Before End Of Career?

Former Bristol Owl, San Diego Warewolve and current Hartford Whaler Robert Campbell (above) was the first player to reach 500, 1000 and 1500 SIMBL hits and now becomes the first to achieve 2000 career SIMBL hits in 2015 SIM 15. Campbell is known as one of the league's purest contact hitters and sports a .310 career batting clip.

Tuesday 7/7/2015: Robert Campbell stars with 2000th career hit

HARTFORD - Hartford's rightfielder Robert Campbell joined some elite company today, collecting his 2000th career hit! He hit a single in the 4th off Jamie Coop for number 2000. In 10 years of big league action so far, Robert has compiled a batting average of .310, along with 108 homeruns and 831 RBI. 'Baseball is a great game, and adding something to it's history is something I've always wanted. What a great day!'

APRIL 9, 2015


Punishers All-Star's Streak At 32 Straight Games & Counting

Punishers 2B Duane Fuller (above) is off to a blistering start in 2015 and an encore for his superb rookie season of a year ago. Fuller broke San Diego SS Israel Moton's 2013 hittng streak record of 30 consecutive games in 2015 SIM 2.

Portland's rising star 2B Duane Fuller set a new SIMBL record in 2015 SIM 2 as his hitting streak has reached 32 consecutive games breaking San Diego SS Israel Moton's previous record of 30 straight games in 2013.

Fuller, the 13th overall pick in the first round of the 2012 SIMBL Draft, had one of the best rookie seasons last year in the history of the SIMBL when he hit .289 with 35 HR and 101 RBI. Unfortunately, he was overshadowed by fellow rookie Pablo Figueroa of San Diego who had a historic season setting a new SIMBL record with a .358 season batting average, the best in league history, as "Figs" went on to edge Fuller for 2014 SL Rookie Of The Year.

APRIL 8, 2015


Future SIMBL Hall Of Famer San Diego's Daryl Ryles (above) is a player heads and above of others in the SIMBL. Ryles continues his legend as he hit his 500th career SIMBL home run in 2015 SIM 2.

Wednesday 4/8/2015: Daryl Ryles stars with 500th career homerun

SAN DIEGO - Daryl Ryles got a standing ovation from 44976 fans in San Diego, who witnessed his historic 500th career homerun. Perhaps his best year so far was 2008 where he hit .352 with 69 homeruns and 172 RBI. Daryl hit 30+ homeruns in a season 10 times, hitting 40 bombs 9 times. 'This day is special, I'll probably remember it my whole life. Thank god I'm blessed with the talent to play this game.' His historic shot, off James Golding in the 10th inning, was a two-run homerun and cleared the fence in center field. It's no secret that he will one day be in the Hall of Fame!

APRIL 5, 2015


Rookie Feat Never Done Previously In History Of League

Carolina's 2/8/5 rated rookie Christopher Haviland (above) contemplates the coming of his no-hitter in the dugout before the start of the ninth inning against Las Vegas in 2015 SIM 1. Haviland became the only pitcher in SIMBL history to hurl a no-hitter in his first career SIMBL start and threw the earliest no-hitter in league history.

Sunday 4/5/2015: Christopher Haviland NO-HITS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Christopher Haviland made some history on Sunday by pitching a no-hitter in his first big-league start. Carolina's right-hander baffled Las Vegas all day witch his great stuff. What a way to begin a career! Jesse Cohn spoiled the bid for a perfect game when he walked with 2 away in the 6th inning. Haviland (1-0) struck out 5 and issued 1 BB, throwing 62 of 102 pitches for strikes. 'I really like to play baseball, and I love the way I was able to play it today. I still cannot believe I did it.' Shirley Boles provided Carolina with the offense Haviland needed as he stroked 2 hits in 3 AB, doubling once, and collecting 2 RBI. Carolina scored 8 runs on 11 hits.

NOVEMBER 7, 2014


San Diego Rallies Back From 2-1 Series Deficit Against Calgary For Sixth Coveted Cup In Ten Seasons

San Diego players start to charge the field as longtime Warewolves 2B Lucas Espitia (above) rounds the bases after hitting a 12th inning walk-off home run in the bottom of the 12th innning off Calgary reliever Thomas Akers in 2014 SIMBL CS Game Six. Espitia is known for his speed and not his power, being the SIMBL's all-time stolen base leader with 654 career swipes, but gave San Diego GM Paul Ware's tough Warewolves their sixth SIMBL Covted Cup in ten seasons of SIMBL play.

As the SIMBL continues to grow in popularity and legions, several celebrities were spotted at the 2014 SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series including The Beatle himself, Sir Paul McCartney (above), who waves to the crowd in San Diego after being noticed by SIMBL fans.

San Diego second baseman Lucas Espitia (above) raises the SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship trophy up high after his 12th-inning walk-off home run in Game Six gave the 'Wolves their unprecedented sixth SIMBL championship in the past ten seasons.

The San Diego Warewolves of GM Paul Ware pulled themselves off the ropes after trailing two games to one in the 2014 SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series to GM Christian DeMarco's Calgary Clippers and won three straight games en route to their unprecedented sixth SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship in seven tries and are the 2014 SIMBL Champions. The entire series was SIMMED live over the phone involving on-the-spot strategies and decisions by both DeMarco and Ware.

Game Six was one for the ages that went twelve innings. Calgary led 2-0 going into the bottom of the eighth inning. Clippers ace Steven Yingling was tough going six innings only allowing three hits and no runs. DeMarco brought in rookie Lester Almaraz, who led all SIMBL relievers this season with a miniscule 1.41 ERA in 74.1 IP. Almaraz allowed singles to LF Greg Lainez and former Clipper PH Buster Tate.

The 8/8/10 rated Almaraz was then yanked by DeMarco for fellow rookie and Calgary's former 2013 first round draft choice, 9/6/8 rated Francis Cox.

Cox got 'Wolves 2B Lucas Espitia to ground out into a fielder's choice that sent Lainez to third base with Tate out at second and Espitia at first. Cox struck out SS Israel Moton swinging and then DeMarco ordered a controversial intentional walk to the always dangerous six-time SL MVP Daryl Ryles to load the bases with two outs.

DeMarco then brought in his reigning the UL Fireman Of The Year, 7/10/10 rated John Campbell, to take care of business. Campbell had a 88.4% save rate this season with a 2.12 ERA and 38 saves and is one of the best closers in the SIMBL. Campbell blew the save by allowing a single to SL Rookie Of The Year favorite RF Pablo Figueroa that scored Lainez and the speedy Espitia to tie the game 2-2. Campbell then composed himself to get 1B Michael Quiros to strike out swinging.

Three-time SL Fireman Of The Year Bill Hyer was brought in by Ware in the top of the ninth and Hyer shut down the high-octane Calgary offense the rest of the way, allowing one hit and striking out three in four innings, his longest outing of the season.

Calgary had a golden chance in the top of the 11th as 3B Keith Smith singled and stole second base upon orders from DeMarco. But, longtime Clips' SS Serafin Fradera lined out to rightfield as Smith was running for a rare 7-4 double play that ended the threat and inning. It may have been Fradera's last hoorah with the team he has spent ten seasons with as the Clippers are unlikely to resign the 37 year-old six-time All-Star due to the SIMBL's salary cap restraints.

The Clippers #1 man out of one of the best bullpens in the league, 9/10/10 rated Thomas Akers, was brought in in the bottom of the 11th and retired the side in order. After Calgary passed in order in the top of the 12th, Akers walked Lainez in the bottom of the 12th and Espitia followed with a 418-foot home run to seal the series and break the hearts of DeMarco and legions of SIMBL fans who were pulling for Calgary to suspend the perennial SIMBL San Diego dynasty for another season.

Previously, before hitting the historic SIMBL Championship-wining blast, Espitia hit a career-low 11 home runs this season while Akers allowed only five home runs in over 97 innings pitched this season.

The SIMBL Commissioner, DeMarco, and the SIMBL Vice-Commissioner, Ware, faced each other in the title series for the first time after boasting several of the SIMBL's top winning teams the past decade and the well-known past trash-talking between the two that came with it.

"Paul has built a heck of team to try to put strategy to. They seemingly have no weaknesses and that is alot to deal with when trying to matchup against him and with ingame decisions. Congratulations to Paul and his 'Wolves and this only makes us here with the Clippers and the rest of the league try harder to topple them in the future," said DeMarco.

San Diego SP Bobby Grimes added to his SIMBL Hall Of Fame future resume and was named the 2014 SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series MVP, winning the second SIMBL CS MVP of his career. Grimes won two pivotal matchups against UL Hurler Of The Year favorite Nicholas Lenard, pitching 14.1 innings, allowing nine hits, four earned runs while striking out twenty Calgary batters. Grimes previously won the 2009 SIMBL CS MVP award as well and joins Ryles as the only players to win the award twice in their careers.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014


Often Unheralded Compared To His Other SIMBL Star Japanese Imports, Does Slugger Deserve SIMBL Hall Of Fame Consideration?

Often overshadowed by his other Japanese SIMBL sensations, Kitchener's 37 year-old Maiku Inejiro (above) has had a very solid SIMBL career. Inejiro has driven in 90+ RBI in eight of his ten seasons and is a four-time All-Star and one-time All-SIMBL Team selection. Inejiro recently became only the fifth player in league history to amass 300 HR and 1000 RBI thus far in the league's ten-season history. Inejiro is more than a big bat and has won three Gold Gloves also in his career.

Kitchener's 37 year-old slugger Maiku Inejiro became the sixth player in SIMBL history to belt 300 home runs in his career recently. Inejiro, who is sixth all-time with 302 career blasts, also becomes the fifth player in league history to amass 300 HR and 1000 RBI, joining San Diego's Daryl Ryles, Birmingham's Glenn Knapp, Moscow's Luis Franco and Toronto's Eddie Meas in that elite club.

Inejiro was originally a fourth round pick in the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft by former Oregon GM Tom Hickman. The Japanese sensation played from 2005 to 2008 with the Pioneers making two All-Star teams. In 2005, he hit .294 with 47 HR and 124 RBI, coming in third-place in SL MVP voting next to Ryles and Meas. He bested those numbers in 2007 when he hit a SIMBL-record at the time 48 home runs and drove in 138 runs and was named to the All-SIMBL First Team.

Inejiro was traded back to Hickman when he took over the Marin Mountainmen after a brief hiatus from the league. He played with Marin from 2008-2012 when he signed with GM Robert Don's Kitchener Rangers in offseason free agency and is in his third season with the Rangers.

Inejiro is a four-time All-Star and has won three Gold Gloves. He will be best remembered for his two monster seasons of 2005 and 2007 but he was a superb defensive outfielder and reached 100+ RBI in six of his ten seasons and blasted 30+ HR in four seasons. Inejiro reached 90+ RBI in eight of his first ten SIMBL seasons, including his first seven from 2005-2011.

Boston LF Dominick Lund, Marin CF James Mahaffey, Hartford 1B Kenny Blumberg, San Diego RF Buster Tate and New York LF Willie Sullivan are all within 25 HR of reaching the 300 HR Club next season and all appeared poised to reach 1000 RBI in their career next year as well.

Inejiro, along with Calgary 1B Taitarou Haranobu, Las Vegas SP Isogorou Chomei and Dalton SS Kanesaburou Jiro have been the Far East's major stars in the SIMBL's first ten seasons.

JUNE 22, 2014


Probable Future SIMBL Hall Of Famers Making Rare Lists In League's Tenth Season Of Play

Former Marin, Jacksonville and current Birmingham slugger Glenn "Waco" Knapp (above) became the fifth player in SIMBL history to amass 300 HR in 2014 SIM 12. Knapp also drove in his 1000th career RBI joining San Diego's Daryl Ryles and Moscow's Luis Franco in rare company to amass 300 HR and 1000 RBI. The former 2010 UL MVP and 2010 SIMBL CS MVP is also 43 runs scored away from joining Ryles as the only players in SIMBL history to collect 300 HR, 1000 RBI, 1000 BB and score 1000 runs.

History was made in 2014 SIM 12 as Birmingham's Glenn Knapp belted his way into the exclusive SIMBL 300 Home Run Club. Knapp became the fifth player to amass 300 or more taters in the league's ten-season history. He joins San Diego's Daryl Ryles, Moscow's Luis Franco, Augusta's Mike Chisholm and Toronto's Eddie Meas as the only players currently to pass the 300 HR plateau.

Knapp also drove in his 1000th SIMBL RBI last SIM as well putting him in rare company with Ryles and Meas as the only players in league history to accumulate at least 300 HR, 1000 RBI and 1000 BB.

Knapp needs to score 43 more runs this season to join Ryles as the only players to have 300 HR, 1000 RBI, 1000 BB and have scored 1000 runs in their careers. Meas needs 21 more RBI to join them both as well in that exclusive listing.

Kitchener slugger Maiku Inejiro is the next player looking to break through the 300 HR mark needing ten more blasts to become the sixth player to reach that plateau in SIMBL history. He also needs 18 more RBI to reach the 1000 RBI mark and will be the next 300 HR/1000 RBI club member, joining Ryles, Knapp and Franco.

Such listings will be pivotal in selecting who will be the first entrants into the SIMBL Hall Of Fame after the first wave of the league's Inaugural Draft talent phases out of their careers shortly.

JUNE 15, 2014


No Stop Signs In Sight For Rampaging Five-Time SIMBL Champs

SIMBL history was made the past 2014 SIM 11 as San Diego GM Paul Ware's Warewolves set a new SIMBL record by winning a blistering 19 games in a row before the streak came to an end.

Here are the SIMBL records for most consecutive wins in the league's ten-season history:

19 SAN DIEGO 2014
13 CALGARY 2014
13 CHICAGO 2012
13 CHICAGO 2012
12 BOSTON 2011
12 SAN DIEGO 2010
12 BEND 2008

APRIL 19, 2014


Former SIMBL Top Ten Prospect Blossoming Late After Slow Start To Career

Longtime SIMBL Top Ten prospect Michael Arnold (above) gets a hug from Timberjack teammate 3B Lornezo Castro after throwing the fourth perfect game in SIMBL history against Augusta in 2014 SIM 3. Arnold was scouted to be one of the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft's top prospect aces but has taken a long time to develop. Now 28 years-old, Arnold may give Pocatello fans hope of those previous expectations.

Sunday 4/19/2014: Michael Arnold throws PERFECT GAME against Augusta

POCATELLO - Great things can happen when you throw strikes. And Michael Arnold did so today, in a perfect game against Augusta. The crowd of 18891 gave him a standing ovation when teammates carried him off the field on their shoulders. Arnold (3-1) was overpowering, fanning 10 while walking none, throwing 84 pitches. 'My catcher called a very good game. I have to give credit to him. He was the main reason I accomplished this feat.' The hitting star for Pocatello was catcher Lino Gonzalez, he got 2 hits in 3 AB, scoring twice. Pocatello scored 3 runs on 6 hits.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013


Oregon 8/7/10-Rated 31 Year-Old Having Historic Season At 27-3 With 2.03 ERA

Oregon SP Angel Rodriquez (left) gets congratulations from his catcher Cane Wilson after he won his 27th game of the 2013 season setting a new SIMBL record. The Pioneers have been the SL wildcard the last three seasons finishing second to San Diego each year in the SL West. The Pioneers and and Warewolves have met in the past three SL Championship Series with each series going the full seven games. Oregon leads San Diego by one game with 13 to play as they seek their elusive first SL West division title and to break their bitter division rivals eight-season grip on the division.

Saturday 9/19/2013: Angel Rodriguez shuts out Brooklyn on one hit

OREGON - Great days are rare. But not for Oregon's right-hander Angel Rodriguez. Brooklyn found out the hard way that he is among the leagues top pitchers, getting just one hit. It's his 3rd shutout this season, and the 6th time he has done it in his career. 'That was one of the best games of my career. I had my stuff working very well today.' Rodriguez (27-3) was overpowering, fanning 10 while walking 1, throwing 100 pitches. Omar Velazquez provided Oregon with the offense Rodriguez needed as he collected 3 hits in 4 trips to the plate, blasting a homerun, with 2 RBI. The final score of the game was 12-0.

AUGUST 16, 2013


Chicago Slugger Also Approaching Rare 1000 RBI, 1000 BB & 1000 Runs Scored Club

Chicago's Eddie Meas (above) watches his 300th career SIMBL home run and becomes the fourth player in league history to reach the 300 HR plateau. Meas is in rare company in approaching compiling 1000 career walks, RBI and runs scored as well. He remains the only player in SIMBL history thus far to achieve a 40 HR/40 SB season as well.

Chicago's 37 year-old CF Eddie Meas made SIMBL history on August 16, 2013 by blasting his 300th SIMBL career home run joining an exclusive club in league history.

Meas, who led the SIMBL career home run list for two seasons before being overtaken by San Diego's Daryl Ryles in 2007, joins Ryles, Kitchener's Mike Chisholm and Brooklyn's Luis Franco as the only players thus far in the nine-season history of the SIMBL to amass 300 dingers.

Ryles has a sizeable lead with 437 blasts followed by Franco's 311 and Chisholm's 309.

Birmingham's Glenn Knapp sits fourth with 280 and Kitchener's Maiku Inejiro (277), New York's Willie Sullivan (260), Marin's James Mahaffey (259), Oregon's Buster Tate (255) and Boston's Dominick Lund (254) round out the top ten.

Meas was the first player taken in the second round of the 2005 Inaugural SIMBL Draft. He played two and a half seasons in Jacksonville before being traded to Chicago in a memorable trade for SP Earl Hendrickson, SP Neil Posey and 2B Bill Lucas. Hendrickson was a top prospect who turned out a bust and Posey was a rising SIMBL star who suffered a career-ending injury shortly after the trade which turned out to be one of the biggest trade blunders in the SIMBL's history for Stampede GM Brandon Clifton.

Meas has achieved 100 RBI in six of his eight full seasons and has belted at least 29 homers each season and over 20 in seven. He blasted 45 HR and drove in 142 RBI while batting .309 in 2005 finishing second to San Diego's Daryl Ryles in a controversial SL MVP vote that led the two to be bitter rivals.

He followed with 47 HR and 118 RBI the next season again finishing second in the SL MVP voting this time to Boston's Dominick Lund.

Meas is one of only two current players approaching 1000 career RBI, walks and runs as well and still the only player in league history to achieve a 40 HR/40 SB season. He has also had three other 30 HR/30 SB seasons as well.

Meas is a six-time SIMBL All-Star and two-time All-SIMBL Team choice.

Meas is hitting a career-low .175 for the Hitmen as they chase Las Vegas in their annual SL Central slugfest. He is on pace for 26 HR and 80 RBI though as his SIMBL Hall Of Fame career is coming to an end.

AUGUST 3, 2013


Rain's 24 Year-Old 10/10/9 Stud Becomes 20th Pitcher In SIMBL History To Hurl A No-No

Tacoma's Justin Bushman's (above) ascension to becoming one of the SIMBL's top aces has been fast since Rain GM Jeff Williams picked him sixth overall in the 2010 SIMBL Draft. At only 24 years olds and already 10/10/9 developed, Bushman looks to dominate for years to come.

Monday 8/3/2013: Justin Bushman fires NO-NO against San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Tacoma's right-hander Justin Bushman made some history today, firing a no-hitter against San Diego. Their hitters found out the hard way that he is among the leagues top pitchers, never having a chance against his overpowering stuff. 'They took some ugly cuts at my breaking stuff, so I kept throwing it. Fortunately they were not able to adjust in time.' Bushman (11-7) fanned 5 and walked 3, throwing 97 pitches. David August helped Bushman at the plate, he went 3 for 5, doubling three times, and collecting 4 RBI. The final score of the game was 6-0.

JULY 31, 2013


38 Year-Old Former Inaugural Draft Third Round Draft Pick Is Ninth Player In SIMBL History To Achieve Feat

Friday 7/31/2013: Paul Tapia socks six hits for Hartford

BRISTOL - 'You know, in batting practice I didn't really feel that comfortable about my stroke today, but baseball is more than hitting. Then, when you're not trying to force a hit, you slug them in droves,' says Paul Tapia after his 6 hit game, which Hartford won 17-2 against Bristol. He had singles in the 2nd inning , in the 4th (two RBIs) , in the 5th , in the 7th inning , in the 8th (one RBI) and in the 9th (one RBI). Paul did drive in 4 while scoring 3 runs on his own. His 6 hit performance increases his batting average to .272.

JULY 10, 2013


Becomes First Player In League History To Hit Four Dingers In Game

New York's Claver Tafoya (above) has had an average four-year SIMBL career after being the third overall pick of the 2007 SIMBL Draft selected by Brooklyn. For a player who has never hit more than 16 home runs in a season, Tafoya set a SIMBL record by becoming the first and only player in league history to hit four homers in a game. On July 10, 2013 Tafoya blasted four dingers against Hartford and also drove in a new SIMBL record 10 runs as well in going 5 for 6 with a double, four home runs and ten RBI.

Friday 7/10/2013: Claver Tafoya pounds four dingers

HARTFORD - Hitting a homerun is fine, but hitting four of them in one game is something special. New York's rightfielder Claver Tafoya accomplished that feat in a 22-10 win over Hartford. His 1st shot, a three-run homerun off Anthony Mann in the 4th inning, cleared the fence in left-center. His 2nd shot, off David Desantis in the 4th inning, was a two-run homerun and cleared the fence in center field. Number 3 in the 5th inning, a shot estimated at 407 feet, cleared the wall in left-center. A 398 foot drive to right-center marked his 4th bomb, a solo homerun off Santiago Curet in the 8th inning. Overall he collected 5 hits in 6 trips to the plate, stroking a double, with FOUR runs scored and collecting 10 RBI.

JUNE 4, 2013


2013 Prized Supplemental Free Agent Dominating SIMBL In First Season; 11-1 3.05 ERA; Throws 20th No-No In SIMBL History

Dalton Dawgs teammates pie the face of SP Vernan "Victory" Powell (above) in celebration of his no-hitter. Powell was signed during last offseason's fevered Supplemental Free Agent bidding. The 7/7/9-rated righthander was signed by GM John Treadway to a $14,000,000 a season/three season deal. Powell has dominated the SIMBL upon entering in his freshman season currently leading the league with a 11-1 record and a 3.05 ERA. Powell hurled the second no-hitter of the 2013 season in 2013 SIM 9 blanking Hartford.

Thursday 6/4/2013: Vernan Powell dominates Hartford, throws NO-HITTER

DALTON - Vernan Powell had some fun again. REAL fun. Hartford hitters did not. Dalton's right-hander fired a no-hitter in his 1st shutout of the season. He now has 1 career shutouts in 12 games started. Mario Witty spoiled the bid for a perfect game when he walked with 2 away in the 6th inning. Powell (11-1) was overpowering, fanning 10 while walking 3, throwing 102 pitches. 'Wow, what a nice day. I guess I had a good breakfast today. That's a dream coming true for me!' The hitting star for Dalton was second baseman Harold Bates, he stroked 2 hits in 3 AB, hitting 2 doubles, with 3 RBI. Dalton improved its record to 34-22, scoring 6 runs on 9 hits.

MAY 31, 2013


At Only 28 Years Old, Los Angeles Southpaw Is On Target For 300 SIMBL Wins

By Oscar Madison
Los Angeles Meat Puppets Beat Writer
SIMBL Contributor

Los Angeles ace James Sousa (above) has been fearsome to hitters this season going 8-1 and completing 4 of the 13 games he started. His 1.47 ERA leads all UL pitchers. Sousa has won two of the last three UL Hurler Of The Year Awards.

Los Angeles - James Sousa received credit for his 150th career victory last Sunday, May 31st. It was another complete game from the sturdy pitcher who allowed 2 runs while striking out 10 Enforcers on the way to a 7-2 victory over New York. San Diego's Bobby Grimes is second on the career wins list with 140. At the tender age of 28, a time when most pitchers are just hitting their prime, Sousa currently leads in all major career pitching categories (outside of saves). At the moment, he’s the only pitcher with enough innings pitched (minimum of 2000) to qualify on the ERA leader board. After 2098 IPs, Sousa has maintained a 2.83 ERA. A few pitchers have lower career ERAs (Grimes, Los Angeles' Michael Arnett, Marin's Richard Dicks) and may knock Sousa down a notch or two if they maintain that consistency until they pass the 2000 innings plateau.

Sousa has more strikeouts than any pitcher who’s pitched in the SIMBL, sitting down 2277 opposing batters. Sousa’s 96 mph fastball paired with a deceptive change-up that comes in at nearly 20 mph off that pace tends to confuse hitters. Add in a slider that cuts from one side of the plate to the other and a curveball that dips nearly a foot and you’ll understand why batters have a tough time facing the lefty. Chicago’s Miles "Blackjack" Farrelly is a close second with 2249 K's.

Part of Sousa’s success comes with him being stingy in games with the ball. He doesn’t tend to hand the ball over to the bullpen very often as can be attested by his 48 complete games, 21 of those shutouts! Sousa leads the league in both of those categories. Grimes has 20 career shutouts at the moment, so that stat could be in jeopardy.

In 2013, Sousa leads the UL with a 1.47 ERA, has 12 quality starts and is sitting on an 8-1 record. The 'Puppets are riding the crest of a 7 game winning streak as we head into June. Hopefully, Sousa and new acquisitions to the team, 3B Manuel Ciles, CF Robert Wedge and LF Francisco Cespedes can keep the wave going as LA chases down those neolithic Marin Mountainmen. Pass me a stogey and a brew and keep the pitches comin'. Madison out

MAY 25, 2013


Duo Joins 'Wolves' Ryles In SIMBL Power Club History In SIMBL's First Decade Of Play

Former Pensacola Red Sox and current Kitchener Rangers 1B Mike Chisholm (above), the UL MVP in 2008 and 2009, joins the SIMBL 300 HR Club in 2013 SIM 7 and is in rare company thus far in the SIMBL's nine-season history.

Former 2007 UL MVP SS Luis Franco (above) is considered one of the top sluggers in the SIMBL's first decade of play and recently topped the 300 SIMBL HR plateau.

Longtime SIMBL veteran, Chicago's Eddie Meas (above,) is the only player in SIMBL history to achieve a 40 HR/40 SB season and will soon become the fourth player to join the exclusive 300 HR Club as well.

In 2013 SIM 7, two players joined San Diego's Daryl Ryles in the exclusive SIMBL 300 Home Run Club.

Longtime veteran Kitchener 1B Mike Chisholm and Brooklyn SS Luis Franco each clobbered their 300th career SIMBL taters and are the only two players, along with Ryles, to achieve the feat through the league's first nine seasons.

Franco won the UL MVP in 2007 as a member of the Toronto Rush, who drafted him 17th overall in the first round of the Inaugural 2005 SIMBL Draft. Chisholm won the UL MVP the following two seasons in the UL in 2008 and 2009 and is the only other two-time MVP winner in SIMBL history other than Ryles.

Chicago's Eddie Meas only needs nine home runs to achieve 300 dingers as well and should be the only other player to achieve the feat this season.

MAY 17, 2013


Reigning SL Rookie Of The Year Leading SIMBL With .431 BA

San Diego SS Israel Moton (above right) hugs teammate Santiago Hernandez after the game in which his new SIMBL record 30-game hitting streak was ended on May 17, 2013 against Birmingham.

San Diego sophomore SS Israel Moton broke James Mahaffey's five-season old record SIMBL hitting streak in 2013 SIM 6.

Moton passed Mahaffey on May 14, 2013 when he hit in his 28th straight game. The new record came to an end on May 17, 2013 against Birmingham in a 1-0 win over the Blue Sox. Blue Sox pitchers Hotarou Fukusaburu, Joe Doucet and Jarod Quimet did something that no team could do in the previous 30 games against Moton, hold him to a hitless game.

Moton, the ninth overall pick in the first round of the 2010 SIMBL Draft, won the SL Rookie Of The Year Award last season and is currently leading the SIMBL in hitting with a .431 clip through the first 32 games of the 2013 season.

APRIL 9, 2013


Two Of The Very Best Aces In The SIMBL Combine For Classic

San Diego ace Bobby Grimes (above) has clearly proven himself by winning three of the last four SL Hurler Of The Year awards. Oregon's heralded "Big Four" was sent a message as Grimes threw the SIMBL's third perfect game in it's nine-season history against division rival Oregon in 2013 SIM 1. The Pioneers and Warewolves are SL West rivals who have met in the last three SLCS with San Diego winning twice. Each series went the full seven games.

Thursday 4/9/2013: Oregon has no chance in a PERFECT GAME by Bobby Grimes

SAN DIEGO - San Diego's left-hander Bobby Grimes made some history today, firing a perfect game against Oregon. Their hitters found out the hard way that he is among the leagues top pitchers, never having a chance against his overpowering stuff. The crowd of 44986 gave him a standing ovation when teammates carried him off the field on their shoulders. 'Giving my team a chance to win is the most important thing for me. I was able to do it today, and it's especially nice to do it in such fashion.' Grimes (2-0) was overpowering, fanning 11 while walking none, throwing 103 pitches. Daryl Ryles provided San Diego with the offense Grimes needed as he finished with 1 hit in 3 AB, blasting a homerun. San Diego improved its record to 6-3, scoring 1 run on 4 hits.

NOVEMBER 7, 2012


'Wolves Comeback From 3-1 Deficit; Stun 'Puppets For Fifth SIMBL Title In Eight Seasons

Game Seven Is A 1-0 9th Inning Thriller One For The Ages

San Diego's Wesley Almedia hits what would be the game-winning single off of Los Angeles' William Cimino driving in Israel Moton in the top of the ninth inning in Game Seven of the 2012 SIMBL CS.

Warewolves veteran ace Felix Murff (above) was masterful in the 2012 SIMBL CS, winning two huge games and only allowing three earned runs in 17.2 IP earning SIMBL CS MVP honors.

Los Angeles ace James Sousa (above) cemented himself as the best pitcher in SIMBL playoff history yet his SIMBL championship ring has eluded him twice with two memorable series with San Diego and his nemesis Bobby Grimes. Sousa is 7-2 with a 1.66 ERA in 16 stars and 124.1 IP in his postseason career. The 2012 UL Hurler Of The Year favorite went 1-0 pitching 15 innings allowing 12 hits and three earned runs while fanning 19 in his two starts against the Warewolves.

In another classic ninth-inning of the seventh game SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series, the San Diego Warewolves of GM Paul Ware came back from a three game to one series deficit to stun GM Dave Bliley's Los Angeles Meat Puppets to win the 2012 SIMBL Championship and their fifth SIMBL title in eight seasons.

The series was SIMed live over the phone using a three-way call between the two GMs and SIMBL Commissioner Christian DeMarco to certify fairness and authenticity. The games featured live strategies and decisions in the game by Bliley and Ware.

Bliley decided to pull starting pitcher Theodore Wilson in a 0-0 Game Seven in the ninth inning. Wilson was masterful in the game going 8.1 innings allowing 3 hits. Reliever William Cimino, the former 2010 SL Fireman Of The Year, came in and allowed the series-winning hit to RF Wesley Almedia driving home rookie SS Israel Moton, whom Wilson previously walked. Cimino got the red-hot Ernest Crivello, the SLDS MVP, to fly out to end the inning.

"I'll be rethinking the decision to pull Wilson for Cimino for a long time now," sobbed the heartbroken Bliley whose beloved Meat Puppets have now lost two heartbreaking series for the SIMBL crown to San Diego in the last four seasons.

SL Fireman Of The Year favorite Bill Hyer came in and closed the door getting former Warewolve Doug Linsley to ground out to 1B Michael Quiros and the party was on in San Diego's soldout Great American Ballpark. It was Hyer's SIMBL-record seventh save of this season's playoffs.

2012 Coveted Cup MVP Felix Murff was outstanding in Game Seven, going 8 innings, allowing only four hits and no runs while striking out two. Both teams finished with only four hits each. Murff went 2-0 pitching 17.2 innings allowing 11 hits and only 3 runs while fanning 12 to earn MVP honors.

The comeback from a 3-1 deficit marks the third time in SIMBL playoff history it has occured. GM Zach Deuel's Pocatello Timberjacks did the same to GM Pat Flanagan's Texas Roadrunners in the 2008 SIMBL Coveted Cup while GM Christian DeMarco's Calgary Clippers came back last season in the ULCS against GM Dave Burgess' Boston Patriots.

"What a series! I couldn't believe that it would be this emotionally draining for just a game," said Ware. "Great series and we look forward to doing it again with Dave next year."

Bliley wasn't as enthusiastic as Ware was after the exciting and draining Game Seven heartbreaker.

"This is twice now that Paul has squeaked his ass past us. Oh shit," Bliley sighed as Meat Puppets personnel quickly led him away from the postgame podium.

Ware then complained about DeMarco who was clearly rooting for Los Angeles in the series and their tumultous relationship continues to heat up again.

"Christian disappointed me. As Commissioner of this league he has always remained neutral in such contests until now."

DeMarco only commented, "Hey, Dave's team is from the UL and I am a UL guy."

As it did in the memorable 2009 SIMBL CS, this year's series featured two key matchups of perhaps the two most dominating pitchers in the SIMBL right now and the likely 2012 Hurlers Of The Year in both leagues: Los Angeles' James Sousa and San Diego's Bobby Grimes. And they didn't disappoint in their newfound rivalry.

Sousa beat Grimes in Game Two, while Grimes took the win in Game Five. Sousa garnered a no decision in that contest while pitching 6 innings allowing 7 hits and two runs while fanning 9. Grimes went 8 innings giving up two runs on five hits and fanning 8. Grimes finished the postseason 1-4 with a 3.46 ERA while Sousa finished 2-1 with a 1.36 ERA in six starts. Sousa now has a 1.66 career playoff ERA in 16 starts and 124.1 innings, the best in SIMBL history.

It was the fifth title for Ware, whose teams three-peated from 2005-2007 and won their previous title in 2009. It was the second time that Los Angeles succumbed to San Diego, losing the title to them in 2009 in six games.

OCTOBER 13, 2012


Teams Play 29 Innings In Back-To-Back Playoff Game Nights

In Game five of a memorable seven-game 2012 LDS, Los Angeles GM Dave Bliley's Meat Puppets and the Hartford Whalers of GM Mike Gemme played an 18-inning epic won by the Whalers 5-4. The next night, the two teams played an eleven-inning game won by Los Angeles 4-0. The teams managed to play 29 innings and score 13 runs in the longest back-to-back nights in SIMBL playoff history.

FINAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 R H E
Los Angeles 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 4 15 0
Hartford 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 5 13 1
WP: Mariano Alfaro LP: Travis Boyd

OCTOBER 10, 2012


October Connecticut Storm Allows Owls & Clippers To Play First SIMBL Postseason Game In Snow; Game Halted Thirty Minutes In SIMBL's Coldest Game Ever

Possible 'Collusion' Charges Coming As Tension Builds Once Again Between SIMBL Commish & SIMBL Vice-Commish?

Calgary pitcher Nicolas Lenard (above) tries to deal with the elements as snow starts to fall at Bristol's Park At Chippen Hills. The snowstorm intensified shortly after and Game Two of the ULDS was delayed for thirty minutes. Lenard later blamed the storm on his arm 'tightening up' in a Clippers' 6-4 loss.

Bristol Owls team officials meet with SIMBL umpires as the freak snowstorm won't let up and decide to delay the game in the second inning. The game later finished in 29 degree weather, the first time snow ever has interrupted a SIMBL game and the coldest game in SIMBL history. Calgary GM Christian DeMarco stated that he 'stayed out of the umpires' decision to play the game' yet grumbled when he left responsibility ultimately to SIMBL Vice-Commissioner Paul Ware, who was seen in Bristol GM Greg Checovetes' team suite with Bristol up 2-0 in the game when the weather became questionable.

In what will become some sort of infamous SIMBL history, on October 10, 2012, GM Greg Checovetes' Bristol Owls and the Calgary Clippers of GM Christian DeMarco squared off in 29 degree weather in the cold Northeast in Bristol, Connecticut.

What wasn't expected was a freak snowstorm that delayed the game for thirty minutes in the second inning in what would become a 6-4 Owls win.

"To be forced to continue to play in these conditions was pathetic," cried Calgary mouth and catcher Adam Wells. "It definately affected our abilities to see the ball and my pitcher, Nicolas Lenard, just froze up."

Bristol players begged to differ.

"Tell Wellsy to stop being a crybaby and call a spade a spade. Both teams played in it and were equal in the adversity," stated the Owls' ace Bryan "Stinky" Kaplan, who was knocked around a little in the game but still took the win going five innings allowing six hits and four earned runs before giving way to the stellar Bristol bullpen trio of Aaron Williams, Jairo Martinez and Richard Bell, who secured the win by throwing scoreless ball the final three innings.

Lenard seemed to agree with his signal-caller Wells though.

"I could definately feel my arm tighten up in the third inning and I never have pitched in this kind of weather. I am just a surfer pitcher from California, man!"

Lenard, who went 17-10 this season, went 3.2 innings getting bumped by Bristol for nine hits and five earned runs.

"We should just appeal this game and play it over," grumbled Wells, a seven-time All-Star selection, as he stormed out of the lockerroom.

Ironically enough, the next game was played in the deeper north in Calgary's Victor's Field where game time temperature was a contrast at 61 degrees.

SIMBL Commish Christian DeMarco, who also is Calgary's GM, said he had "nothing to do with the decision to play in the weather."

DeMarco stated that he stayed out of the decision and let the umpires to decide whether or not to play.

He also stated that he left ultimate responsibility to SIMBL Vice-Commissioner Paul Ware on the final decision.

Ware declined to comment if a decision or order was given to the umpires to play the game only asking, "What was the score of the game at the time the storm came in?"

Ware wouldn't elaborate on his comment any further but was seen in Bristol GM Greg Checovetes' team suite around the time the storm hit.

When asked about possible collusion charges, DeMarco declined comment as well though Bristol was up 2-0 in the game at the time the weather became questionable.

OCTOBER 6, 2012


Come Playoffs San Diego Megamouth Ends Season-Long Blockade Towards SIMBL Media; 'Guarantees' This Year's SIMBL Title

Bristol Proves That The SIMBL Longball Is 'Hogwash'

THE MOUTH THAT ROARS: One of the SIMBL's biggest mouths, San Diego's six-time MVP, Daryl Ryles (above), recently ended his season-long barricade towards SIMBL media and lamented in the glory of his recent 400 HR/1000 RBI achievements, far and away ahead of any other player in SIMBL history. Ryles' grip on the past five SL Slugger Of The Year awards looks to be to an end to Las Vegas' Ray Barrot due to Ryles' missing six weeks earlier this season. Ryles 'guaranteed' another 'Wolves SIMBL Championship this season.

By Lance Stanley
SIMBL Contributor

Hi again youngsters...Lance Stanley Reporting.

Despite missing significant time this past season due to injury for the first time in his illustrious SIMBL career, San Diego's Daryl Ryles kept his torrid Hall Of Fame pace this season and still finished with a .308 batting average with 37 HR and 98 RBI, the lowest production of his career and ending his seven season streak of at least 40 home runs and 100 RBI. Ryles' streak of four straight seasons with 50 or more blasts ended as well.

The 9/10/10 rated Warewolves superstar became the first player in SIMBL history to reach the 400 HR mark, finishing the season with 403 career blasts. Ryles also was the first player to amass 1000 RBI and sits atop that career list with 1081.

"I told you all when I was drafted that I would set all power hitting records for this league for all-time. My records will never be broken. I told all you idiots that eight years ago. I like being alone on top anyways," said the outspoken Ryles recently. Ryles was the first player taken overall in the SIMBL Inaugural Draft eight seasons ago.

"Let's not think about that right now, let's think about another San Diego SIMBL ring. I guarantee it," he barked as he ended his season-long silence to the SIMBL media and stormed out of the locker room in true Ryles form.

When asked about his SL MVP streak ending at five straight seasons and six out of the last seven seasons to the SL's likely MVP, Ray Barrot of Las Vegas, the volatile Ryles snapped, "Put him on the DL for six weeks also and I'd still have better numbers than that punk kid."

OCTOBER 2, 2012


Oregon Righthander Hurls Third No-No Of 2012 SIMBL Season

Oregon's Andre Morales (above center) celebrates with his Pioneer teammates after throwing a no-hitter against Jacksonville in 2012 SIM 26. Moreno's gem was the third no-no of the 2012 season following Hartford's Bill Hightower and Texas' Cedric Monasterio earlier in the season.

Friday 10/2/2012: Andre Morales dominates Jacksonville, throws NO-HITTER

OREGON - Oregon's right-hander Andre Morales made some history today, firing a no-hitter against Jacksonville. Their hitters found out the hard way that he is among the leagues top pitchers, never having a chance against his overpowering stuff. Manuel Ciles spoiled the bid for a perfect game when he walked with 1 away in the 5th inning. 'They took some ugly cuts at my breaking stuff, so I kept throwing it. Fortunately they were not able to adjust in time.' Morales (15-10) was overpowering, fanning 10 while walking 2, throwing 105 pitches. Oregon's centerfielder Bill Bonar finished with 1 hit in 4 AB, and driving in 2 runs. That was enough to support the brilliant performance of Morales. The final score of the game was 3-0.



SIMBL Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary Due To It's GM's Dedication & Passion For The League & Game

It's been two real-life years that the SIMBL and it's colorful cast of GMS has been in existence.

The SIMBL was founded by SIMBL Commissioner Christian DeMarco on September 2, 2006. DeMarco set out to form a league that was "For The GM and By The GM" and a league that was fun and a refuge for those who participated in it to get "away from life's bullshit for a few minutes a day or so". The SIMBL started with a month-long Inaugural Draft that lasted from September 17-October 17, 2006. Seasonal play began on October 18, 2006 and has lasted over two years now. Two years of regular three times a week SIMMING is considered a very rare accomplishment in OOTP circles, especially for a 6.5 league, and is a testament to all SIMBL GMS in which we all should be proud of. Most online leagues don't last two real-life years, let alone a league that uses the dated 6.5 software, which makes finding replacement GMS that much harder to man vacant GM openings at times.

The SIMBL has grown into one of the most respected leagues online today and that couldn't have happened without it's participants- all 24 SIMBL GMS who man their teams and keep plugging away regardless if they are winning or losing at the time. The league continues to have an outstanding export rate which indicates interest and active participation among it's owner core.

In the past year, we have seen much activity and history made in the SIMBL on and off the field. Last winter, real-life SIMBL GMs even met in Colorado Springs, Colorado after arranging a real-life "SIMBL Summit I". We're also well into our eighth season of play and making league history each SIM and are starting to see the first phase out of the 2005 Inaugural Draft veteran players who are bowing out as the league is getting older in history. We are also starting to see the infiltration and takeover of the "SIMBL Next Generation" of talented youngsters who are getting their feet wet in the SIMBL and taking the flame from the pioneering retiring and declining veterans.

The biggest thrill for me is to show that 22 of the 24 SIMBL franchises have made the playoffs in the first seven seasons of play. The other two teams that haven't are now competitive and are seriously challenging for division titles and wildcard berths this season. That shows us all that we have a great group of competitive GMS who know how to win and challenge for a SIMBL ring and that the turnover in the file is realistic and strong and representative on what good GMS in this league do to win and build their teams.

I would like the thank everybody who is so into the league and who participates so keenly in it and keeps us going. This league was founded for YOU and is for YOU GUYS. I'd also like to thank everybody who has helped us out in the past. I remember everybody who helped out in the beginning and with the monumental month-long SIMBL Inaugural Draft way back two years ago (man, that was fun though wasn't it?).

I'd also like to especially thank Paul Ware who religiously and like clockwork runs the SIMS in what seems to have become so effortlessly, but in reality, Paul has dedicated himself to this league and has taken as much time as anybody to make sure we all have fun and continue to have something to look forward to in our recreation three times a week. Without Paul, none of this would be possible. Cheers brother. Nobody takes you or your dedication to the SIMBL for granted Paul, including I.

While we have been joined by many quality GMS, whom are some of the best in the game and true assets to this league since we started, several diehard original charter SIMBL GMS who founded their teams have to recognized for their dedication to their teams and to the SIMBL: Boston Patriots GM David Burgess, Bristol Owls GM Greg Checovetes, Calgary GM Christian DeMarco, Bend Bandits GM Ted Williams, Los Angeles Meat Puppets GM David Bliley, Marin Mountainmen GM Tom Hickman (founded the Oregon Pioneers), Texas Roadrunners GM Pat Flanagan, Tacoma Rain GM Jeff Williams, Augusta Spartans GM Andre Girard (founded the Belle River Bullfrogs), San Diego Warewolves GM Paul Ware, Portland Punishers GM Jon Vicic and Pocatello Timberjacks GM Zach Deuel. Oregon Pioneers GM Mike Senn must also be recognized as the longest tenure in the SIMBL as a non-charter member. Thanks guys for the two years of dedication and for being here from the start.

After this season we will have had over 250 SIMS together over a two-year span. We all look forward to another two real-life years together as we approach the 10th Season Anniversary Season of the SIMBL in just a few short months. Again, two real-life years and ten simulated seasons is quite an accomplishment to behold in this type of online game and with the hectic lives of the many who happily find the time to run the league and those who play in it.

This is a toast to you guys for all the fun and may we all be together competing, having fun and busting each other's balls for another two years.

Thanks guys. Thanks to you this is fun and a getaway for all of us.

Here is who should be and will be recognized:

Dave Burgess- Boston Patriots GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Greg Checovetes- Bristol Owls GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Chris Gattuso- New York Enforcers GM
Steve Marshall- Former New York Enforcers GM
Mike Gemme- Hartford Whalers GM
Ken Holak- Former Atlantic City Aces GM
Christian DeMarco- Calgary Clippers GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Eric Savard- Toronto Rush GM
Robert Savard- Kitchener Rangers GM
John Treadway- Dalton Dawgs GM
Ted Williams- Bend Bandits GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Dave Bliley- Los Angeles Meat Puppets GM: Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Pat Flanagan- Texas Roadrunner GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Tom Hickman- Marin Mountainmen GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Brendan Gribbons- Brooklyn Cyclones GM
Rick Magar- Former Brooklyn Cycylones GM
Jay Levin- Former Brooklyn Cyclones GM
Brandon Clifton- Jacksonville Stampede GM
Jonathan Oakes- Former Jacksonville Prophets GM
Angel Perez- Charlotte Crusaders GM
Ryan Scott- Former Montreal Royales GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Andre Girard- Augusta Spartans GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Steph Mabie- Fomer Augusta Spartans GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Mike Lynch- Chicago Hitmen GM
Chip Orton- Las Vegas Hustlers GM
Tom Lifsey- Former Asheville Smokies GM
Jeff Williams- Tacoma Rain GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Andy Hutchinson- Carolina Bearcats GM
Brian Anderson- Former Carolina Bearcats GM
Paul Ware- San Diego Warewolves GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Mike Senn- Oregon Pioneers GM; Longest Tenure Of A Non-Founding Charter GM
Jon Vicic- Portland Punishers GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM
Zach Deuel- Pocatello Timberjacks GM; Founding Charter SIMBL GM; CATO Coordinator


Christian DeMarco
SIMBL Commissioner and Website Maintainence

Paul Ware
SIMBL Co-Commissioner and SIM Coordinator

JULY 20, 2012


Oregon's 'Other Pedro' Off To Sizzling 14-0 Start

Oregon SP Pedro Moreno (above) is pumped up as he raises his record to 14-0 and is off to the best start by a pitcher in SIMBL history passing Brooklyn ace Marcus Dinges' 11-0 start back during the 2009 season. Moreno's emergence, along with ace Pedro Moreno and Angel Rodriquez, give the Pioneers possibly the best trio of starting pitchers currently in the SIMBL.

Oregon's Pedro Moreno recently made SIMBL history in 2012 SIM 15 by posting his twelfth consecutive win to start a season. Moreno, last season's SIMBL Coveted Cup MVP where he led the Pioneers to a sweep of Calgary for GM Mike Senn's first SIMBL title, is off to a mesmerizing 14-0 start this season with a 2.81 ERA.

Moreno, 26, was drafted in the 20th round of the 2005 Inaugural SIMBL Draft by Toronto and traded to the Pioneers during the 2006 season in the much-debated deal that sent star 1B Taitarou Haranobu to the Rush during his MVP-winning season.

Moreno has current 6/8/7 ratings and passes Brooklyn ace Marcus Dinges for the best start of a season in the SIMBL's eight season history. Dinges started the 2009 season with a 11-0 record and unthinkable 1.19 ERA. Dinges' season ended that year with a 18-2 record and a 2.41 ERA despite missing the final seven weeks of the season due to ruptured tricep tendon, which he also spent six weeks on the DL again for the following season apparently suffering no ratings lumps in the process luckily for new Cyclones GM Brendan Gribbons.

Moreno seems to have emerged from the shadow of his well-known teammate and namesake, Pedro Ramirez, known as one of the top aces in the SIMBL.

Moreno's historic streak came to an end after 14 wins in 2012 SIM 17 with a 5-0 loss to Las Vegas.

JULY 13, 2012


GM Mike Lynch's Chicago Hitmen set the new SIMBL consecutive wins record in 2012 SIM 13 with 13 before falling to to end the historic streak. The Hitmen bests Jacksonville (2012), Boston (2011), San Diego ( 2010) and Bend (2008) who all won twelve straight earlier in SIMBL history.

GM Jon Vicic's Portland Punishers also made SIMBL history by setting a new consecutive loss record in SIMBL SIM 14 as they lost their 14th straight.

Portland's new record breaks Jacksonville's record of 13 set during the 2009 SIMBL season.

JUNE 1, 2012


Five SIMBL Flamethrowers Likely To Top Two Thousand Strikeouts This Season

Longtime Pensacola/Kitchener ace Thomas "The Deacon" Leverett (above) has been a blur to SIMBL hitters for most of his career and recently struck out 15 batters and has done the feat seven times in his SIMBL career. Leverett is among five SIMBL pitchers who are likely to pass the 2000 career strikeout mark this season.

Los Angeles veteran ace Michael "Ace" Arnett recently made SIMBL history when he became the first SIMBL pitcher to amass 2000 strikeouts in league history. Arnett, at 36 years old still one of the league's best with 10/8/6 ratings and a 2.81 career ERA, has gone 118-64 and also stands second on the all-time wins list next to his teammate James Sousa who leads in SIMBL history with 128 career wins.

Kitchener 36 year-old veteran ace Thomas "Deacon" Leverett, like Arnett also a former first round draft pick in the 2005 Inaugural SIMBL Draft, is well known for striking out 15 or more batters seven times in his career, is second on the list and will break the 2000 mark this season barring injury.

Another former Inaugural Draft first rounder, Chicago's Miles "Blackjack" Farrelly is five strikeouts behind Leverett while Sousa and Charlotte's Ronald Koenig are all pitchers who will break the 2000 mark during the 2012 season.

MAY 25, 2012


The Jacksonville Stampede of GM Brandon Clifton came within one 9th inning walk-off win by Brooklyn on May 25, 2012 of setting the new SIMBL record for consecutive wins. The Stampede won twelve straight tying the league mark with Bend (2008), San Diego (2010) and Boston (2011). Ironically, Jacksonville also hold the SIMBL record for consecutive losses as well with 12 back during the 2009 season.

APRIL 18, 2012


Two No-Nos Thrown In Last Two SIMBL SIMS

Hartford's Bill Hightower (above) points to the heavens after recording the last out of his no-hitter against Calgary in 2012 SIM 2. Hightower, once a SIMBL Top Ten Prospect, is off to a blazing start this season with a 3-1 record and 2.70 ERA for the Whalers.

Saturday 4/18/2012: Bill Hightower NO-HITS Calgary

HARTFORD - Hartford's right-hander Bill Hightower is a really great pitcher. And he once again showed his stuff while making history, blanking Calgary on no hits. 'I really like to play baseball, and I love the way I was able to play it today. I still cannot believe I did it.' Hightower (3-1) struck out 3 and walked 1, throwing 53 of 84 pitches for strikes. The hitting star for Hartford was first baseman Michael Quiros, he finished 1 for 3, hitting a double, and driving in 3 runs. Hartford scored 3 runs on 4 hits.

APRIL 6, 2012


Roadrunners' SP Masterful In Mowing Down Mountainmen

Monday 4/6/2012: Cedric Monasterio NO-HITS Marin

TEXAS - Marin's bats were sleeping, and Texas' Cedric Monasterio gave them no chance at all to wake up. He was untouchable in firing a no-hitter in his 1st game started this season. 'They took some ugly cuts at my breaking stuff, so I kept throwing it. Fortunately they were not able to adjust in time.' Monasterio (1-0) was overpowering, fanning 10 while walking 7, throwing 137 pitches. Texas' shortstop Edward Vizcaino finished with 2 hits in 4 AB, hitting a homerun, scoring twice with 3 RBI. That was enough to support the brilliant performance of Monasterio. Texas improved its record to 5-2, scoring 11 runs on 12 hits.


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